Dec Lucas & Sasha, Saga Psi/Cambiantes, La Noche del Cazador, Nalini Singh. megustaleer – La noche del cazador (Psi/Cambiantes 1) – Nalini Singh. Nalini Singh es una escritora de novelas románticas paranormales nacida en , en Fiji y es La Noche Del Cazador () – ISBN ; La Noche Del Jaguar () – ISBN ; Caricias De Hielo () – ISBN.

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Naliin manifests in a general distrust of others and intense physical conditioning to prevent such a thing from happening to the ones he loves nofhe the future. There are a whole bunch of people who rated this 4 and 5 stars and I was genuinely confused as I was reading it because maybe I got the wrong book? Trivia About Slave to Sensatio Most of the focus is on the romance, which normally wouldn’t bother me except the world-building in this book had so much potential, it felt like Singh had come up with this great idea and then tossed it aside.

Burn in You- suzanne Collins more interesting and likeable characters than Phoenix pack series by the same author To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Authors like Kelley Armstrong show that you can have a good sexual pairing along with the characters being well written AND an exciting plot!

It would have made her more of a bad ass, more of a Sinyh Female Lead had she actually sacrificed herself.

I reviewed this before I really settled on my one-star system, but now t All the usual trope played straight–including the decidedly sexist and rapey vibes–with inaccurate animal-like social structure Leopards are SOLITARY animals. You never have to wonder why. The cover design and cheesy title lead me to assume this would be a cheap romance read. I did not like the male protagonist, though. I just really caazador enjoy this.


La noche del cazador / Slave To Sensation

The only thing that made me keep reading was the fact nalinl a ‘perfect’ Psy was showing glitches and something was wrong with her. It dominated the story. Are there no homosexual Changelings then? I also spent three years living and working in Japan, during which time I took the chance to travel around Asia. I felt like a woman can only do what her mate allows her to do, otherwise he’ll beat her unconscious and it’ll be her own fault.

Slave to Sensation 26 23 Jan 22, A is planning to die because she believes that jalini the only way to do something. See all 7 questions about La noche del cazador…. I kept thinking of A. Aug 15, Grissel rated it it was ok Shelves: I absolutely love this series and would definitely recommend it! I support her and admire her and she is doing her thing and I am so happy for her, but her Ummmm And the first 3 series listed are not only cool PNR but funny too!

Based on countless recommendations and glowing to the point of dle reviews it appeared that Slave to Sensation would fit the bill perfectly. Her personality and lack there of cazadot really developed further than a strained laugh. This book was so lame. I really wanted to like this, but it just didn’t happen.

La noche del cazador / Slave To Sensation : Nalini Singh :

The Psy were mostly shunted to the background, and the tense moment at the end was over far too quickly. The characters were paper-thin and I got fed up with reading the same slow-moving plot that was just a background thing or a tool for two people having sex and getting all intimate. Sci-fi just didn’t appeal to me. Seriously – the women fuss over her, the children immediately like her, the other men think she’s hot.


Thank God I didn’t pay money for them. Slave to Sensation Discussion 34 Jul 12, We need to do B, but if C happens, the This was tedious. A hug maybe, but not a kiss, especially the nudge in the neck. The so-called ‘sexual tension’ sounds like I’m re I just can’t like this book. A book from cave man days. Lucas is the typical ‘hey babe I’m a monster who makes sexual comments all the time and yum yum I could eat you up and I want into your pants’ kind of guy.

It was the literary equivalent of porn – just enough plot to string the sex scenes together and not one bit more.

But the hero Lucas wasn’t bad, just not interesting enough. I kept losing my patience with it. So much so that I always thought I would call my son like that, did I get to have one.

He knew the way so it made for him to drive. The title was misleading though, and I’ll tell you why later.