“Among the Truthers” is a remarkable book, not least because its author, Jonathan Kay, appears to have emerged with his sanity intact after. Q: I so appreciate Jonathan Kay for highlighting this phenomenon, and Diane for hosting him. I’ve been aware of this trend for several years. In Among the Truthers,journalist Jonathan Kay offers a thoughtful and sobering look at how socialnetworking and Web-based video sharing have engendered a .

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Nowhere is it mentioned that Black was the owner of the National Post and therefore Kay’s boss, or that he is currently serving a prison sentence in an American jail for fraud and obstruction of justice. Thank you for your patience. I had no idea half of the conspiracies covered in this book existed, or that conspiracists are such a varied bunch, spanning race, religion, political beliefs, sexual orientation, gender, and nationality.

And maybe in an era without the Internet, the birther thing might have gone away. KAY Yeah, or what about Watergate?

Among the Truthers – Wikipedia

May 27, at 1: Kay’s descriptions carve out a place along jonwthan political spectrum where one is not a conspiracist, and it is clear that he believes there is more room in this space on the right than on the left. Published May 17th by Harper first published January 1st Not to put the two things on the same level of hate, but basically fringe conspiratorial ideas, mainstream news editors say, well, this is a fringe idea. The many negative reviews I’ve read on this website IMO speak not so much to the quality of the book as to the fact that the author is very even-handed in his handling of the topic.

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Right now you have a democratic president so the most radicalized factions are on the right in opposition to that president.

Among the Truthers, by Jonathan Kay – The Globe and Mail

In a new book titled, “Among the Truthers,” he explained why it’s happening, and how fringe theories warp our shared American experience. For one, Kay assumes he is right on every issue and that anybody who believes differently is wrong.

Left wing conspiracy theorists, on the other hand, will tell me, oh, this is a big plot by Halliburton and Dick Cheney and the weapons manufacturers. She says, “I have intelligent, sane friends who believe President Obama was born in Kenya and he is a secret Muslim.

And then inevitably — inevitably the interview goes in another direction where they talk about how this is part of fruthers plot to control the world’s oil supply through foreign wars, and thereby control the entire fate of the planet. I was really disappointed with this book.

The first third of Among the Truthers provides an ostensibly effective Rarely, if ever, has a book I’ve read made me so bloody angry as Jonathan Kay ‘s Among the Truthers: You know, it’s not one guy sitting creating his conspiracy theory. Those Arabs were just a bunch of hicks anyways This is like if I, as a liberal, were to right a book about conspiracy theories and label anyone who believe in laissez-faire capitalism or who opposes affirmative action as conspiracists.


By Chris Mooney May 26, 1: Thanks for the opportunity to review it. And this is seized upon by a lot of people to say, America wanted war.

Among the Truthers, by Jonathan Kay

Call for more information. Kay fails to do so. He read Chomsky with approval, railed against George W. This author creates a book that will inspire discuss and many debates. This should only take a few moments. Politics is a factor here, of course.

Diane went on to become amkng nationally syndicated talk radio host and Jane became a bishop in the Episcopal Church. I went to the Tea Party national convention in in Nashville.

Given the title and subtitle of this book, I was expecting something akin to Working: Conspiracy theorists tend to accumulate at the far ends of the spectrum, after all. People who expect a book mocking conspiracy theories or expect only conspiracy theorist from the “other” spectrum is attack, should better not read at all and watch some Louis Theroux.

While Kay sometimes uses in-text citations, he just as often offers information without showing his source. Where was the journey through their underground?

Among the Truthers: A Journey Through America’s Growing Conspiracist Underground

I’m — you know, I’m more reasonable. I so amont Jonathan Kay for highlighting this phenomenon, and Diane for hosting him. May 26, at 5: