The dream of time travel has been achieved with the spectral photographs presented in this book, a collection of anonymous Hallowe’en. Ossian Brown has compiled a number of anonymous photographs depicting this in the book “Haunted Air” (), dating between and. Ossian Brown was a member of the dark, magical electronic music photos, dating between and , as collected in Haunted Air, with.

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A creepy book of pictures taken of people in creepy Halloween costumes from – Nov 29, Frederic rated it liked it Shelves: These pictures are populated by spirits from the collective imagination of the Celtic folk who brought the holiday over to the New World.

Newer Post Older Post Home. Like the music of Coil and Cyclobe the latter of which Ossian is a founding member of these photos open up sleeping corners of the brain and awaken collective memory. Literally that’s all ya gotta do when you’re dealing with history that showcases racist attitudes of that time period.

Sep 14, Claire rated it liked it Shelves: With an introduction by David Lynch, appropriately enough, Haunted Air’s images will stay with with you for a long time.

Made for TV Mayhem. Dec 22, Greta is Erikasbuddy rated it it was amazing Shelves: In bringing them all together some of Hallowe’ens primal atavism is restored. From Europe, the haunted tradition would quickly take root and flourish in the fertile soil of the New World. These are from the days before vacuu-formed or full-head, super detailed latex masks were mass marketed to folks around the country, so there’s a handmade spirit and imagination that permeates the many images.

Bound in soft black cloth the pages inside are windows onto the ghost memories of America, captured in the twilight years before the Hallowe’en had become fodder for a Hallmark industry churning out cards, candy and plastic decorations.

Oct 18, Margaret Bessai rated it really liked it.

Recycled Thoughts from a Retro Gamer. So I saw this book on Goodreads and just had to check it out. Few are the ghosts and ghouls who trick or treat these days. Captivating and transporting, this collection of old Halloween pictures really takes me where I want to be; into a nether world full of intrigue, nostalgia, history, mystery, fright and humor. Creepily beautiful images of Halloweens gone-by. Julia rated it it was amazing Jul 24, Fewer settings, more fun.


Lists with This Book.

This set of black and white and sepia pictures from the late 19th to the first half of the 20th centuries is a collection of images of American children and adults dressed for Halloween. One photo had seven people in it and four out of the seven were in either blackface or redface, and two girls in blackface literally had the letters “MAID” sewed onto their dresses.

Children and the poor, often masked or in outlandish costume, xir the night begging “soul cakes” in exchange for prayers, and fires burned to keep malevolent phantoms at bay.

A group of people pose in a wagon, bonnets above the faces of the masked women, a man perched on top pointing a shotgun at some unknown threat.

Haunted Air: Anonymous Halloween photographs from c. 1875–1955

Sep 20, Kurt rated it it was amazing. Posted by Brother Bill at 9: I might have nightmares issian and that’s just fine with me. The costumes come prepackaged like so much else in our contemporary world, ready to be pulled off the shelf.

Refresh and try again.

Brainwashed – Ossian Brown, “Haunted Air”

When I look into any one of them I feel I have become a witness to a way of life that is at once dying, and in certain corners of society, is being born again. Anyw Dude, who the hell is this Geoff Cox guy? Oct 18, Josh rated it it was amazing Shelves: He talks to us about his Lomography camera collection and his camera of choice, the BelAir X If you love images by Diane Arbus, or vintage Hallowe’en, you’ll enjoy looking at this book.

In his characteristic sparse prose Lynch shares his experience of looking at them, cappuccino and cigarette at hand, “I was somewhere else.


Haunted Air | AnOther

Here the old life of the holiday is preserved. Open Preview See a Problem? Something of the nights wildness spoke from his eye when he told me these things.

When the spirits are loosed for the night, so people abandoned themselves and the laws normally governing their behavior. Mar 10, Kristoffer rated it it was amazing. At first, I was worried it would be some soft, wanna-be shit, something from the pen of Neil Gaiman, but besides a few strains of repetitiveness, his afterword was truly amazing.

Who knew adult field trips could be this fun and colorful? It looks very different from the Halloween I grew up with, which was in the process of removing itself from being a festival of death to a festival of pop culture. Nov 12, Wesley rated it really liked it. A nice collection of uncommon photographs – some of them quite striking, but many repetitious and none with any information given – well printed in a book with the high production quality one expects from Jonathan Cape.

Too Much Horror Fiction. I love love love this book! A shack sits in the background next to scraggly trees. Neither the one-page introduction by David Lynch nor the four-and-half-page afterword by Geoff Cox actually contributes anything to understanding the images, the collection, or anything else much beyond their own A nice collection of uncommon photographs – some of them quite striking, but many repetitious and none with any information given – well printed in a book with the high production quality one expects from Jonathan Cape.

I may have to actually buy my own copy of huanted one. The Sinisters–spooky surf music! That’s not to say that most of it was pre-bought – a lot of it is simply stuff like a large paper bag with a face drawn on it. This ends up with the feel of a pure vanity project.