I’ve been working on this course for a bit and am not sure how well it is working for anything. I know most people have already dismissed this as. Authors: Harry KahneProduct Types: Free eBooksProduct Categories: Business Excellence, Memory Training, Mind, Body and Spirit, Personal Development. I based this experiment on a guy called Harry Kahne, who lived at the When Kahne was 28, he wrote up his multiple mentality course – a.

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When Kahne was 28, he wrote up his multiple mentality course — a guide for others to follow in learning to do kahnd he had done.

Harry Kahne’s “The Multiple Mentality Course” – General Memory Chat – Art of Memory Forum

These were being added and notated as well at the bottom of the larger blackboard in front of him. It’s like a game, but with far more value than any game ever possessed! Weighing them side by side at one and the same time; balancing them, one against another, concurrently; reaching almost instantaneously a decision which we knowin the depths of our being, is the correct decision; and acting upon it promptly with the courage that comes with such mmultiple.

Like, buffering up ahead of time what I would say in the next two seconds, then switching focus to an arithmetic calculation. True healing begins with you and your healing intentions, whether you want to heal yourself emotionally or physically, or heal another person or your world around you.

FB Harry Kahne The Multiple Mentality Course – The Best You

After completing this mental development course, we will no longer suffer the balm of a tired mind. What is your experience? So here are the details of my experiment.

Did you pursue Multiple mentality course of Harry Kahne further? By studying how the brain absorbs information, and the proper frequencies to make it operate at maximum efficiency, we have found a way to improve this process so you can absorb, store, and categorize information better than you thought previously possible.


Maybe the reason why you could recite the poem whilst writing at the end of the experiment was not because you got better, but because the poem was better committed to memory, so reciting it used a different part of the brain at the end of the week — a part that left the bit you need for writing alone?

Firstly it becomes very stressful, atleast for me, I found practising it at night when tired is a definite NO NO.

My Personal Development Experiments – September Update

Isn’t the ability to master your training confined to well educated people? Ancient methods of mental discipline increase psychic energy potential for remote viewing and remote influencing. Also, it includes pictures of him doing his 6-things-at-a-time stunts. Talking of sleep, you wanna watch this http: You can live quite fine without the other sleep phases for long periods of time — some people have done so for months.

Increase Synchronicities in Your Life. In my most recent experiment, I tried to develop multiple mentality — being able to do several things at once. My multiple mentality experiment In my most recent experiment, I tried to develop multiple mentality — being able to do several things at once. Eventually due to this I began having more confidence in myself and my ability to cope mulfiple knowing I will percieve alternative options in any given situation.

Kane matter what your education or experience, for the first time in your life, you will truly be using your brain power storehouse. The most difficult problems will seem to solve themselves.

I have doing a lot of multiple tasks in the past 2 years, and I have many situations where I find it hard to remember a 8-digit number. Hire Vlad Testimonials Latest Posts. Helping people come alive with passion and to infinity and beyond. Haunting Wind, Healing Rain. Really great if you have an inquiring mind.


With the early merchant, he was at once his own architect, store designer, buyer, stock keeper, advertising manager, salesman, bookkeeper, and financial wizard. As your mind gains flexibility, really ‘warms’ to its task. There was a newspaper on a music rack in front of him.

The Multiple Mentality Course

Exercise caution with decreasing sleep. They are simple, easy to do, and apparently without meaning. I loosely based my personal development experiment on that course, adjusting it to make it fun and interesting for myself. Is my brain capable of carrying on four to six independent functions at one and the same time as yours does?

When an exercise states that you do it from memory alone, then don’t copybut do uarry from memory alone! Education here refers to gaining knowledge of a iahne as opposed to mind training which is learning how to manipulate what we’ve learned and increasing capacity to create solutions to problems. So while I started off writing the alphabet backwards, and mixing the letters of several short words together, I quickly graduated to writing a word down while simultaneously spelling a different word out loud, and beyond.

Complete this course and success can be yours umltiple your hidden dreams can be concrete realization. Instead, we will be mentally alive and feel at ease with ourselves.

So after a while I got into the habit of letting one part of my brain wander into the realms of inventive fancy whilst I kept the other alert for an enfilade fire of questions from the teacher. Those statements are truer now than when Dr. You have to jentality when to switch off and relax and have fun. And so will be helpful when trying to deal with distractions.