General topology. Front Cover. Ryszard Engelking. PWN, – Mathematics – pages Bibliographic information. QR code for General topology. Buy General Topology (Sigma Series in Pure Mathematics) on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders. Ryszard Engelking (Author). Be the first to. Documents Similar To General Topology – Ryszard Engelking. Lipschutz- GeneralTopology. Uploaded by. Aleksandr Terranova. (Kelley)gy.

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Sigma Series in Pure Mathematics — Volume 6. It emerged from several former editions and is today the most complete source and reference book for General Topology. It is indispensable for every library and belongs onto the table of every working topologist. I cannot but heartily recommend it to anyone with some interest in General Topology. Ordinal numbers 4 I.

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Open and closed sets. Closure and interior of a set 11 1. Dense and nowhere dense sets. Borel sets 24 1. Closed and open mappings. The topology of uniform convergence on R X and the topology of pointwise convergence 2. The compact-open topology 3.


Compactness in metric spaces 4. Compactness in uniform spaces 8. Preface to the first edition. Preface to the revised edition. The axiom of choice. Closure and interior of a set. Methods of generating topologies. Boundary of a set and derived set. Convergence in topological spaces: Operations on topological spaces.

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Quotient spaces and quotient mappings. Limits of inverse systems. The topology of uniform convergence on R X and the topology of pointwise convergence.

Operations on compact spaces. Locally compact spaces and k-spaces.

The Cech-Stone compactification and the Wallman extension. Countably compact spaces, pseudocompact spaces and sequentially compact spaces. Metric and metrizable spaces. Operations on metrizable spaces. Totally bounded and complete metric spaces. Compactness in metric spaces. Weakly and strongly paracompact spaces. Various kinds of disconnectedness. Dimension of topological spaces. Definitions and basic properties of dimensions ind, Ind, and dim. Further wngelking of the dimension dim.

Dimension of metrizable spaces. Uniform spaces and proximity spaces.


Uniformities and uniform spaces. Operations on uniform spaces. Totally bounded and complete uniform spaces. Compactness in uniform spaces.

Ryszard Engelking

Proximities and proximity spaces. Relations between main classes of topological spaces.

Invariants and inverse invariants of mappings. List of special symbols.