Sewage Treatment Plants. DVZ – JZR “ BIOMASTER”®. Biological Sewage. The innovative product range of DVZ specially for Luxury and Mega Yachts. Sewage Treatment Plant DVZ-JZR ” BIOMASTER”® (customized version for .

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Check that pump is running. Check if vent outlet is properly located and relocated if necessary to a less sensitive area. Side-channel blowers, which are placed on existing rubber elements, must be secured against twisting. We advise to have the discharge pipe at least 1 diameter step large connect to suitable overboard with a checkvalve direct near the svz pump, to prevent backflow in to the treatment plant. Flush out the pump casing and shroud with a compatible flush and drain away to a safe area.

The flame screen if used at the vent termination must be at least two full pipe sizes larger than the vent pipe and free from blockage.

DVZ SKA 20 Biomaster Biological sewage treatment plant – Exapro

The media must be fluid and without any solid particles. The surface of the electromagnet can become very hot during continuous operation. Do NOT run for longer period against closed valve!

Clean out or replace element. When moist, dusty atmosphere must be used for storage, further protect the pump or unit with a moisture repellent cover until it is to be installed. Drain all the liquid out the casing, through the drain cover or plug.


Check with your process people to see if any special decontamination procedures have to be followed before skaa on a pump. Drain pump casing, all piping, fittings and traps containing water. The drive motor has to be safeguarded by a motor circuit-breaker.

Now the passage is open for coarse suction bleeding via the bypass. It is Buyer’s responsibility to verify quantities and condition at the time of pick up. Press the reset button on the overload protection inside the control panel and turn the blower on to determine if the blower motor overloaded and dropped out of the circuit.

DVZ SKA 20 Biomaster Biological sewage treatment plant

Copyright Exapro s. Ansaugwirkung Seitenkanalverdichter erzeugen eine starke Saugwirkung. Der Antriebsmotor ist mit einem Motorschutzschalter abzusichern. Help other buyers with their decision and rate the machine.

If no good result, continue at 5.

If the problem cannot be isolated and repaired quickly, bypass the sewage overboard to provide the crew with sanitary facilities. Close the bleed valve 5 by one turn clockwise. The Contact tank must be about half full as indicated by Contact tank sight glass.

It is strongly advised to install a bypass with valves. Remodelling and modifications of the side-channel blower are not allowed. Approximately one litre of antifreeze is required for each litre water remaining in the Treatment tank. Dv running but no falling level sightglass De-aereate pump and observe level again.


Motor circuit breaker Before starting operation soa the side-channel blower, the drive motor has to be safeguarded by a motor circuit-breaker. Exhaust air through priming cover or install an automatic airrelease valve. Work on the unit must only be performed by skilled personnel using suitable tools! Here is a selection of similar machines Loading similar machines After starting up period of weeks, check function of discharge pump, drain and flush out contact tank.

Commissioning Connect the suction and discharge lines securely.

DVZ – SKA BIOMASTER – PLUS – DVZ-Group – PDF Catalogs | Documentation | Boating Brochures

For mechanical malfunctions check the specific manufacturers documentation enclosed in this manual. It is essential that the pump is checked regularly!

The biologically cleaned sewage is fed to the disinfecting tank 06 via a rising pipe. The generally recognized technical rules for safe and proper working must also be observed. The intrinsic dynamics of the bio-film process are one of its major advantages, i. Front side needs to be accessible for maintenance of pump and electric equipment.