Configuring darcs. Building darcs. Manual. We still don’t have a manual for Darcs >= Want to help us?.

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You can ignore these errors for now, they will go away after you have installed the various libraries. Note that this description should describe the patch, and should not describe how to use a certain feature; this should go into a comment or a README or the documentation.

If you are using read-only access, send your patches by email to someone with write-access. This is useful if you suspect that this patch introduced an error. Maintainer’s Corner For package maintainers and hackage trustees edit package information.

We could warn users about conflicts. In some cases when there have been substantial changes adrcs the Makefiles etc Getting started Compiling Build instructions are available at http: There are precompiled packages for many platforms available at http: You can pass arguments to autogen.

Darcs installation

Improve fast-export with regard to conflicting patches. The Carpet maintainers can then apply this patch to the Carpet repository, so that the next darcs pull will list this patch for all people.

To skip the process of verifying each “hunk”, use the -a option. There is also source code if you want to compile it yourself. It is often better to correct an erroneous patch than to pile a second patch on top of it. The preferred way to install Gerris if you intend to contribute to the code is using the darcs version control system.


Darcs User Manual

If you move a file or directory, say. It will also respect the dependencies between the different libraries. When you have one or a few patches that you would like to contribute back to the community, then you can use. Darcs is written in Haskell and you need GHC to compile it. If you have sendmail or something equivalent installed, it is possible to send the patch directly from darcs. As you update from upstream, you can review each patch name, even the full “diff” for interesting patches.

This text assumes that you have already installed darcs and obtained the development version of Carpet, but are possibly too scared or lazy to actually read the darcs manual. If you have implemented a certain feature, corrected a certain error, or fixed a typo, then it is time to record that change as a patch.

What are the costs of doing the same at the repository level? See previous discussions on this topic:.

Darcs – Projects

Mon Dsrcs 25 Both of these record all the changes you have in your local repository. Change the darcsden issue tracker to store the issues themselves in a separate darcs repository. Upgrading a repository using darcs is very simple.

Or answer a to the first question. List of things that probably should be spun off into standard libraries or merged with, replaced with, etc:.

Unresolved conflicts-related issues in the bug tracker. Enabled Automatic pkgconfig Use pkgconfig to configure libcurl Disabled Automatic static Build static binary Disabled Automatic terminfo Use the terminfo package for enhanced console support.

Estimate costs of implementing a system above the existing. This means making w req amnual default download system. Modules [ Index ] Darcs Darcs.


darcs(1): advanced revision control system – Linux man page

For other systems have a look at the darcs installation page. In that case it can be useful to maintain Gerris using recompilation from source using darcs. After this initial installation phase, the following script can be run as a daily cron job. If you later discover that your patch is incomplete, missing a file, or contains an error, then you can use. If you think there are too many questions about what to record, you can use the -a flag to record.

This does not actually create or delete files; you have to do that yourself. Get your copy with all on one linereplacing bringert with your own username on code. If you feel like it, you can also add a detailed description of the patch. We would like to experiment switching to a newer system like wreqor req see motivation wrt wreq.

These ideas can be also useful for a Google Summer of Code project. Can also be applied to a specific file.

Build instructions are available at http: Every user has access to the full command set, removing boundaries between server and client or committer and non-committers. On the other hand, ” Fix typo in comment ” is probably good enough.