Sources: Forged documents at the ground of the contracts signed by Ioana Băsescu for the purchase of the Nana land plot. The Bergie. Social, Elena Udrea, Ioana Băsescu, Dan Andronic When the investigation began, Andronic sent a copy of a contract to Basescu through. Basescu’s daughter, daughter Ioana Basescu, ex-Tourism Minister Elena for some of her father’s campaign costs through a fictitious contract.

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The DNA has also charged the journalist and former political consultant Dan Andronic, the owner of the Evenimentul Zilei daily, with perjury and aiding and abetting a perpetrator. The DNA added that Elena Udrea, who is currently an MP, was the person that brokered the relation between the persons that generated the illegal funds and the companies providing political campaign services.

Business Review, 58 Stirbei Voda St. She is currently on trial in a corruption case. Romanian corruptiontraian basescu daughter dnatraian basescu daughter ioanatraian basescu ioana basescu.

The three officials are targeted in the case initiated for financing the presidential electoral campaign in Basrscu to the information, distributed by the DNA, she was running the campaign staff, coordinating both campaign service purchases and those, who acted as intermediaries for the payments made.

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In exchange, the ministry promised to expedite payment of 50 million euros to which the firm was entitled under contracts it had to build ski slopes and funiculars in a government program.

Latest News from the Balkans. Former President Traian Basescu launched on Wednesday evening accusations against the DNA chief Laura Codruta Kovesi, accusing her of forming a group of prosecutors who will handle the arrest of one of his daughters.

She was heard for four hours Thursday morning by the National Anticorruption Prosecutors DNA prosecutors, allegedly in a corruption file. Kovesi whom she protected and named them as advisers after they solved some cases. Ioana Basescu is public notary. The illegal payments were cloaked as fake state contracts with companies that in reality were involved in Basescu’s presidential campaign. With new regional and international tensions, internal political quarrels, stagnating economies and worsening public services, many people in the Balkans will probably want to forget the past year as 12 wasted months.


Her boyfriend at that time, Francesco Giovanni — Mario, is accused of tax evasion and money laundering. Asked by journalists in what file she is to be heard, Udrea replied: The DNA says that in October and NovemberUdrea, then Minister for Development and Tourism, had Nastasia, secretary general of the ministry, solicit a ,euro bribe from hasescu company that had a contract with the government.

Prosecutors from the National Anti-corruption Directorate, the DNA, announced on Tuesday that Udrea had been indicted with abetting bribery and money laundering, while Ioana Basescu, a public notary, faces charges of abetting embezzlement and money laundering. uoana

Daughter of Romanian ex-president Basescu, accused by anti-graft prosecutors

They provided street advertising, posters, masked advertisements in print media, websites, media monitoring services, entertainment shows and consultancy. Comment article Add to bookmarks. The company paid the bribe as part of a fake advertising contract, while the money was used to fund Basecu’s campaign. There are a few prosecutors close to Mrs. According to the DNA prosecutors, money deriving from corruption offenses, embezzlement and tax evasion was collected in the presidential elections of and later ioxna to pay for the services rendered during the election campaign.

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Elena Udrea, Ioana Basescu and Dan Andronic sued for financing the electoral campaign

This is how they were able to finance their holiday. Other state officials, including a former general secretary of the Ministry of Development and Tourism, Gheorge Nastasia, have been charged with bribery and embezzlement. News 24 May 17 Another NO to the minister proposals.

Terms and conditions Cookie Policy Privacy policy. Ioana Basescu, daughter of former President Traian Basescu, under judicial control for instigation to abuse of office, money laundering. Prosecutors also established that Udrea ensured the link between people, who illegally obtained money, and service providers.


Calarasi County corruption DNA ioana basescu laura codruta kovesi Nana file Prosecutor’s Office prosecutors public notary traian basescu. The anti-corruption prosecutors claim that, in DecemberIoana Basescu asked Silviu Ioan Wagner, the general manager of a state-owned company, to pay an invoice about which she said it represented residual expenses for the presidential elections, held in the autumn of that year.

Udrea coordinated the campaign acquisitions, the prosecutors say. Nightmare in Prisons Continues. Vasescu same scenario applied to other several companies, prosecutors say. Consequently, Elena Udrea is charged with incitement to bribery and money laundering. Ioana Basescu, daughter of former President Traian Basescu, under judicial control for instigation to abuse of office, money laundering Posted by: Udrea ran for president in This money was used for the payment of some services in the political campaign, due to the instigation of his girlfriend Ioana Basescu, according to prosecutors.

The current husband of Ioana Basescu, lawyer Radu Pricop, is on trial in a contrxct corruption case. When the investigation began, Andronic sent a copy of a contract to Basescu through Elena Udrea to be show to the authorities.

The money was intended to pay for the services provided by Dan Andronic and a foreign corporation. When arriving at the DNA offices, she was accompanied by a lawyer. Similarly, fictitious contracts were concluded with companies that actually provided services in the electoral campaign: Liberals ask for re-voting in Gabriel Oprea case.

Powered basesc Romania Journal.

The former head of Oil Terminal, the company specialized the circulation of oil, liquid petroleum products and petrochemicals and other products, Ioan Silviu Wagner, is accused of abuse in office.

Ioana Basescu is accused of asking the CEO of a state-owned company to award a fake contract for 90, euros to a company owned by her then partner.

The money was paid through fake contracts.