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The discovery of such amazing truths in the Vedas, clearly undermines the very foundation of our smug assertions that Civilization and scientific advancement proceed forward in a linear fashion. Other electronic devices and electrical equipment would also be destroyed by the EMP effect.

Retrieved 30 June They may also have been used for preliminary strikes before the actual use of nuclear weapons. Frits Staal states that the text may be a compilation of poetry and knowledge that developed in two different regions of ancient India, the Kuru region in northern India and the Pancalas region of eastern India. It looks like thousands of years ago, our Rishis were already aware of these dangers and used electric engines in their vehicles, as one of their primary modes of transport as well as for motors, etc.

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Here is the blue-green colored thunderbolt of iron of the king. From the last line, we can also glean the information that electronic devices were used as hearing aids and sound magnifiers. These people would have us believe that the profound heights of spiritual philosophy that are expressed in the Vedas, are nothing short of tribal superstitions upheld by a primitive people.


Atharvana Vedam (Tamil) by Swami | LibraryThing

It has the potentiality to help hearing, control energy and spread light in all quarters. There are many more such references to electrical energy in the Atharvaveda, however in the interests of keeping this article to a reasonable length, I have not reproduced every one of athavrana. The cerebrum as it is called keeps on providing electrical energy.

The combination of speed and power is certainly desirable to increase the efficiency of manufacturing plants. Any trained electrical engineer must have complete knowledge of the complex laws and limitations governing electrical energy. The most significant example of this type is the aberrant analysis has been applied to the greatest and most profound Hindu literature of all time, namely the Vedas.

In fact, the Atharvaveda is a prime example of how the majority of Hindu scriptures DO delve into practical and material matters that affect everyday human life.

Jan Gonda cautions that it would be incorrect to label Atharvaveda Samhita as atharvna compilation of magical formulas, witchcraft and sorcery. Electric power has the striking power of a deadly weapon and is full of brilliance. Therefore if the enemy is attacked with electromagnetic weapons, the entire command and control of land operations would be completely disrupted.

Just as the waters of the cloud released by the electricity, fall down and flow over the earth, similarly the well-equipped armies of the enemy; being subdued by the might of the king are duly regulated by him.

What these verses clearly demonstrate to us is the fact that Vedic Society was at an extremely advanced state of technological advancement and fully utilized Electricity in innumerable productive applications I have followed a standard format to make identification of the verses easy.


Part of a series on Hindu scriptures and texts Shruti Smriti Vedas. It will be fully apparent from the following verses that Electrical Energy and its properties were fully understood by Vedic sages. Nav Yo Navati Puro bibhed bahvotjasaaAhi Cha vritrahaavadheet Electricitywhich breaks, by the energy of its arms the 99 cities, destroys the cloud, which covers the rays of the sun, the source of all energy and power. Here the principles of electromagnetic force discussed are being used to generate motion.

Atharvana Vedam (Tamil)

To keep all the evil forces under control, you, being well-equipped with good means of destruction completely lay down to lasting sleep death the evil forces that rob and harass the general public.

Join or Log Into Facebook. The last two sections discuss the symbol Om and Moksha concept. Who brought together his two arms, saying, “he must perform heroism?

Taa Vajrinam Mandinam Stomyam mad indram rathe vahato haryataa hareePurunyasmay savanaani haryata indraaya somaa harayo dadhanwire Those two speedily moving forces of attraction and repulsion propel the electric current, powerful like the thunderbolt, pleasant and praiseworthy, in this pleasant plane or car.

The Atharvaveda is a collection of 20 books, with a total of hymns of about 6, stanzas. Paritta and Rakkhamanta “mantra for protection”and they share premises and style of hymns found in Atharvaveda. Veeam these, vdam Atharvaveda consisted of nine branches or sakhas, according to sage Patanjali.